Following a successful Giro d’Italia, Tharcor LTD and Wilier Triestina are pleased to announce the continuation of the partnership agreement from 1st January 2018, with Wilier Triestina who will retain the role of first Title Partner of the same professional cycling team. Today’s official announcement allows the team to timely schedule their future with plenty of positive news and a renewed ambition for growth at national and international levels.

Angelo Citracca, General Manager Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia:”It’s a pride for us to continue to have Wilier Triestina as a Title Partner. We aim to grow and become in the coming years the leading team in the italian country and this announcement is the first fundamental step to do it. Starting from 2018 we’ll strength our team in all its sectors, we’ll promote a new image that can support us in a better relations with our partners and we will improve the interaction with fans. From a technical point of view, we hpe to renew Mareczko’s contract soon and we’re ready to give him a full support. Pozzato will continue to be our leading man able to combine experience and competitiveness in the one-day race, as proved in the last Tour of Flanders. Filippo will also begin to be gradually involved in the management area of the team. It is an opportunity we have shared with him and Wilier Triestina owners and we are convinced that keeping his primary commitment as a professional cyclist, he can help us to grow a lot. Returning to the 2018 roster, there will be a number of confirmations among the riders who are already under contracts and new arrivals who we’ll be announced from August 1st”.

Andrea Gastaldello, CEO of Wilier Triestina: “We are really happy with the progress of this partnership, from which we are receiving tremendous visibility, greater realtions with our customers and above all a continuous improvement of our products. In just a few days we will be launching a new bike born thanks to the feedback of Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia’s riders, but as many news are coming in 2018. Wilier Triestina is embarking on an important industrial development path and we also want the team who brings our name can grow more and more in the next seasons”.

Filippo Pozzato: “I am glad with this announcement that confirms the excellent work done so far. I thank Angelo Citracca and Gastaldello family, owner of Wilier Triestina, for the continued confidence and for the opportunity to add to the role of professional cyclist some managerial responsibilities as well. I’ll begin step by step but I’m confident that I can give a valuable help in the technical area and in the partners management. Obviously the role of pro cyclist will remain primary but this new assignment is a challenge who looks to the future and I’m really happy to accept”.